Masking Technique using By The Tide

Here's a step by step on making the By The Tide card. By The Tide stamp set: 129120

Start with two post it notes and tear them in half.

Attach them to the base (4" x 5 1/4")

Get all your stamps attached to the clear blocks. This saves you time later when you are stamping a bunch of these cards so you don't have to keep attaching and removing them from one block.

I love Stampin' Up! Ink Pads!!!

 Make sure you start with the lightest color first just in case the color doesn't dry before you stamp the next image.

 Leave your stamps on top of the ink pad so they are ready to use again and you won't get confused about which image is stamped with which color. I hate it when I accidentally stamp a dark color on a light color ink pad. Not pretty.

 After all the images are stamped you are ready for the next part. SPONGING! If you have been to one of my classes you know you will be sponging and you will have ink on your fingers. LOL.

 Apply the ink liberally along the edge of the post it note. Randomly apply all over the rest of the card.

 Remove the post it notes.

Stamp a sentiment. OOPS!!! I messed up! But wait! This is stamping and there are no mistakes in stamping.
(I know this looks bad right?) Blurred and annoying line from edge of stamp. Yuck!

 Problem solved! Just stamp on another piece of paper and punch it out.Cover up your "mistake" and make your card even more awesome! I used the Decorative Label Punch  120907   16.95.

This is a tip I show my customers when they come to my classes. Don't waste ribbon by tying it completely around the card. Instead tie your ribbon in a loop with a square knot. Cut off the end with scissors. Then figure out where you want the knot on the card and cut the loop so that it lays straight.

Attach the ends to the back of the cardstock to make it appear to go all the way around.

Here's your finished card with some pearl embellishments.  119247   4.95

I hope you have enjoyed this step by step tutorial on masking with some extra tips for making stamping easier.

Leave me a comment and let me know what other techniques you might want to see me do.



Becky H. said…
Think I'll try this.

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