Join the Discount Club!

Right now is the best time to join the discount club. Let's look at the benefits.

1. You get 20% off all purchases with a chance to get up to 40% off.

2. You get $125 of Stampin' Up! exclusive products for just $99 (+tax) shipped to your door for free.

3. You can start buying and earning free products on Dec. 1st from the new Mini Catalog and Sale-a-bration Catalog.

4. You could earn extra income by asking your friends and family to buy Stampin' Up! from you.

God gives us blessings in life. Our husband. Our children. Our neighbors. I feel that my buisness is a blessing. Not because of the income. Not because of the free stamps. (Although I do really like free stamps. LOL.) It's because of the people I have met through it. Amazing people that have touched my life and made my life richer beyond anything I could ever hope for.

Does this sound like something you would want in your life? You may have questions. Shoot me an email and ask away. Not only do I help you out with ideas, classes and prizes, I will help you hold workshops and classes of your own. If you don't want to do classes you can just be your best customer. I know a lot of ladies that just benefit from the discount and maintain their minimums to stay active. The minimum is $300 a quarter. That's only $100 a month. If you do the one order a quarter for $300 you get $50 in free product on top of the 20% off. Increase your order to $400 you get $65 in free product, one half off item and 25% discount. Do this during SAB (sale-a-bration) and you get 8 items free. WOW!

I look forward to hearing from you!



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