Here are some pictures of my trip to California. I am so impressed with my cell phone. These were all taken with it since the batteries died on my camera. I love my iPhone.

We also visited the church that Steve and I were married in. The kids weren't too excited but Steve said, "Returning to the scene of the crime." I said, "I was just thinking that!" LOL.

The weather in California was not as I remembered. I know it's only April but I remember going to the beach and not being cold in March when I grew up there. The weather was overcast the whole time and I needed a sweater most of the time.

Here is Jessica "enjoying" the beach. A pleasant 68 degrees. The water is freezing compared to Gulf of Mexico water. I don't know how she did it.

She was so excited about going to the beach. I know she was freezing but she never let on. She just jumped into the ocean and enjoyed herself.

Amanda was a bit smarter and stayed dressed.

Notice the camera man in the background? There was three displays for outdoor dining rooms. It was for a show on HGTV. There were some really neat setups. I should have taken pics of them.

We then went for a walk on the pier and saw a shop that had oysters. You pick out an oyster and see what kind of pearl you get. My girls picked out oysters and look what they found:

The guy told us that they are black pearls and because of the size are worth about $70 each. We only paid $12 for each oyster. Not a bad return.

Well that's it for now. I have some more pictures of some awesome swaps I got from my downline on Monday. So come back soon.


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