Amazing Customers!

For my amazing customers I decided to host a luncheon for them. These are my hostesses, club members and super customers. They enrich my life so much with their creativity and their friendship. I wanted to show them how much I appreciate them so I did a little luncheon and had a project for them to make. Here's the table and gift.

These cute boxes are on the clearance rack. 12 of them for just $1.99. I added the butterflies. Inside were some accessories and a free stamp. We ate tamalies made with venison. Everyone knows that when you come to my house the meat will probably be venison. With a hubby that hunts I find no reason to buy meat at the store. Too bad he can't shoot a cow once in a while. LOL. Wild boars are a treat to get though. Yum!

Here's what we made at the luncheon. 

My friend Carla made a really cute one with the newsprint/music sheet DSP. Also the cute vintage trinkets. I didn't get a picture of it though. :*(

I will post a tutorial on making this cute purse in a few days. I want to make a new one and photograph each step. (It'll help me to remember how to do it too. LOL) You can also learn to do this purse when you come to my Crop for the Cure fundraiser in July. Jeannette is the one that came up with this cute idea and she'll be making some for Auburn and Alabama fans. I saw a pic of them and they are to die for! She's also getting a medical rep to donate hand sanitizers for them so we can put that in the purse when they take the class. Find out more about the crop at: Crop for the Cure

Want to see what one of my amazing customers made me for my birthday?

Here's the card:

I have to say WOW again because she's just amazing. Her name is Birgit. Here's her blog:  Click here
It's in German but you don't need to read to see the amazing projects she creates.

Here's the cute note card holder and inside of the card.

I will be having a class on the 22nd that will include the stamp set On The Grow. Here's a sneak peak.

If you are interested in the class let me know. Cost is only $20. I had one of my customers tell me I should charge $25. LOL. I told her I'd put a tip jar out. The class does include 3 cards and 2 boxes.

I guess that's it for now. I'm off to watch Beauty and the Beast with my girls. Gotta make some popcorn.


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