Fox and Friends

If you were thinking about getting this stamp set you better act today. Here's a cute card I made with the monkey from the set Fox and Friends. I love how you can make the set work for a boy card or a girl card. Plus there's a stamp of a turtle. Who doesn't love turtles??

Today is Amanda's horseback riding lesson. Last Friday it rained so her lesson was canceled. It's starting to rain right now and her lesson is in an hour. I hope it stops. Here's some pictures from Jessica's lesson yesterday. I'm loving the horse Rocky. He's a rescue horse from a family going through a divorce. They had stopped feeding him so he lost a lot of weight. I fed him an apple yesterday and gave him a good brushing. He's the sweetest horse and so loving. I can give him a big hug and he puts his head on my shoulder. I love him. Please keep him in your prayers to put on weight.

Jessica on Patches

You can see Rocky's ribs which is not a good thing. He's probably lost 400 pounds and needs to fatten up a lot. I'm sure he'll pull through. He's a throughbred and Amanda loves to ride him. He goes when she asks him too and is really good.

That's it for now. Happy Stampin'!


Mandy Grant said…
cute, cute, cute!!!
Karen said…
I am so glad fox and friends made it into the new catty. I just love your card.

am now following you. check out my blog

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