Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Mardi Gras!

All I can say is that Daphne, AL has the best parades. I've been to Mobile and Fairhope and I really like the ones that Daphne has. It's not about the floats. (although the floats are fun to look at). I'm talking about the beads, Moon Pies, stuffed animals, light up toys, candy, etc.
Amanda, Jessica, Steve and I went to the parade on Friday night and we caught a lot of stuff. Amanda and Jessica had fun collecting the stuff off the ground and we all had some friends meet us down there too. I brought hot cocoa, marshmellows, Cheetos, chips, King Cake and donuts. My friend brought some wine and I spilled it all over the Cheetos. Let me tell you, the kids went right to sleep that night. LOL.

For those of you who don't know about Moon Pies they come in many flavors. Chocolate, banana, orange, vanilla. Well recently the buzz was there are now peanut butter ones. I was on the lookout for those on Friday night. I yelled, "MOON PIE!!!" to the ladies on the float and one heard me and nailed me with the Moon Pie. It hurt my thumb and I dropped it. Luckily we were in Daphne and not Fairhope so I was able to get it before someone else got it. When I turned it over it was a peanut butter one. I started screaming, "PEANUT BUTTER!!!!!!!!" My friend Melissa thought I wanted a peanut butter one. But no I was screaming because I had one. LOL. Yeah for me. Then next one I got I gave to Melissa. She started screaming, "SALMONELLA!!!!!!" Hopefully not. (The next day my family split the one peanut butter Moon Pie I caught into 4 peices. They are not very big but I have to say that my 1/4 peice was very good. LOL)
Here's a pic of Amanda dancing around waiting for the parade.

Amanda and Jessica had fun cutting up their beads and sorting them by color and shape. How could I stop them when they were having so much fun.
They got so many from all the parades they went to that it really doesn't matter if they cut a few up. But they played like this for hours and I was able to do some cleaning up around the house. (Something that Steve wishes I would do more of).

Saturday night Steve and I went to the Shadow Barrons Ball. It's like prom for grown ups. I wore a pretty gown and Steve wore a tux. I had to wear these beads I found at a store. They have turtles on them. I'm sort of known for liking turtles.

The night started off kinda quiet. My friends and us were sitting around eating and talking. Not much happening really until the band The Molly Ringwalds began playing. Let me tell you, it was just like high school again for me. All the songs I love they played. It was really cool and I had a great time dancing. At one point we all helped our friend Chris crowd surf. No one got hurt.

After the band was done I wanted to go up and meet them but Steve was holding me back. I'm sure it was because he knew the band members would think I was so hot they'd grab me and run backstage. LOL. Actually I pulled away from him and got to shake hands with the lead singer. He blew me a kiss too. ((swoon)).

Visit their website:

At these Mardi Gras Balls you get to drink as much as you want. I normally drink more than I should and Saturday night was no exception. But I have to say that I really recovered the next day well and got some laundry done. Oh and these balls have lots of great food too. I ate it all and then some dessert. So my diet is just shot. Cheetos, wine, screwdrivers, lemon bars, Moon Pies, marshmellows, cheesy dips, crackers, roast beef, chicken fingers. You get the idea. Too much. But that's what Mardi Gras is all about. Lent starts on Wednesday and I'll have to give something up for 40 days. I was thinking cookies. That's a hard one because I love to bake. I guess I can send it all to school for the teachers. LOL.

That's it folks until next time.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Starter Kit on sale until the end of March

Just wanted to make it clear about the starter kit promotion that Stampin' Up! is offering right now until the end of March. If you want to know what comes in the starter kit I've posted the list (that I got from another demo's website). It was written so well that I had to copy it. LOL.

What comes in the Kit? The Starter kit contains $335 worth of products for 199.00 - and now you can take 15% off to make it $169.

- You choose 5 stamp sets, this price or lower: 21.95, 30.95, 27.95, 35.95, and a bonus 47.95 (until March 31).
- One regular wheel 6.50
- A handle for your wheel
- Choose your ink cartridge color for wheel
- Full box of pastels (49 colors)
- 2 packs of assorted cardstock (choose your color group) 72 sheets total
- Pack of white or vanilla cardstock - 40 sheets
- Snail adhesive (refillable)
- Choose a 20.95 D├ęcor Element (vinyl)
- Stampin’ Scrub and mist cleaner (a must for any stamper!)
- Versamark pad (clear ink used for watermarks or embossing)
- 3 Blender Pens
- 5 classic ink pads, your choice of color
- Tons of business supplies like a box of 8 catalogs, mini catalogs, our Demonstrator magazine and order forms.

Doesn't that sound like a deal?! Like I said before, I would so sign up again just to get all the stuff for so cheap! The best thing is that you join my growing group and learn all the details of Stampin' Up! I get all the inside scoops, discounts on preordering sets for upcoming mini's, sharing my hobby with friends and learning more about my hobby through convention, Stampin' Up!'s magazine, online videos, audio conferences with Shelli and other demos, other demos in my monthly demo meetings and more.

So check out the video on my Stampin' Up! website and I'm sure you'll feel the samy way I do. That you just love Stampin' Up!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Club meeting was so much fun!

Isn't it always so much fun?? LOL. We had few new faces last night. Christy came all the way from Mobile to stamp with us. I hope we weren't too rowdy for her. My hubby made martinis. A little too strong actually.

We also got a new member Veronica. She is so much fun and I know our group will love having her around.

Another thing we decided was that the marker club is going to start next month. We finally got everyone together and we'll be meeting the last Thursday of every month. So our first meeting will be March 26. Class is at 6:30pm. We'll be making 5 cards and will learn a new technique with markers each class. See my Stampin' Up! website for more details.

Here is the cute hostess set that I made for Carla. For those of you who don't know Carla she sells Creative Memories. I really wanted this frame for putting small scrapbook pages in. Since Carla likes scrapbooking I thought I would use the new Build-a-fairytale die punched art to make a cute page for her to display. Isn't it precious???!!! I know. I really did a good job on this. I didn't even have anything to case from it on

Here's the hostess gift that I gave to Christine on Wednesday night for hosting a stamp-a-stack. That was so much fun and a great girls night out for all of us. It's one of the many ways of running a Stampin' Up! business. You can hold classes, workshops, clubs and camps. It's just a fun way to share your love of stamping and creating.

If you want to find out more about becoming a demo click on the link at the left. There's a great video to watch and right now you get 15% off the starter kit plus a free stamp set. I think it's a great deal. (I'd sign up again if I could. LOL)

Happy Stampin'!

Donate to the Australian Red Cross

Stampin' Up! has posted on their website about the devastating fires that tragically took the lives of many people. The good news is that none of the victims were Stampin' Up! demonstrators. But they still have been affected by this disaster and have responded by donating 50% of all sales to the survivors.

Stampin' Up! is one of the most generous businesses I have had the pleasure of working for. Although US demonstrators are not included in the relief effort they have posted the website for the Australian Red Cross if we wish to donate to the cause. With all that goes on in the world it is nice to know that people reach across bounderies to help each other.

Many of you, my friends, are very giving people and I knew that you might want to know how to help out if you can. At the very least we can pray for the families there dealing with the aftermath of this tragedy.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Teacher Appreciation Week

Here's some cute cards I made with the new Stampin' Up! set called Teacher's Pet. I hope Amanda's teacher likes it.

Isn't this so cute? I really think the kids will like it. All of Ms. Ayres students are going to sign it tomorrow. I think she'll be really surprised by it. Well I'm trying to get my cards cut for tonight. I have a class to make 10 cards for $10. Christine is nice enough to host so she'll be bringing snacks. I'm trying to come up with a nice gift for her. I also have to come up with one for my hostess tomorrow night. We're having the club meeting and it's going to be a full house.

I'll post more later. Happy Stampin'!

Valentine class

I had lots of classes for Valentines this year. Two of the classes were for kids to make treat bags. Amanda's came out good and she stamped them by herself.

Grandpa got this cute truck for Valentine's Day. Actually it was two days after Valentine's because the girls misplaced it and we couldn't find it until Monday.

Michelle Huggins had a great idea for donating some cards to the nursing home. Kella works at a nursing home so we gave them to her to take to work. Here's some of the cards we did. We donated over 30 cards! Both Michelle and Kella helped design and make the cards one night. I know a few of you wanted to do it as well but the days to get together didn't work out for everyone.

I wanted to make this You Rock! card to send to my dear friends. I hope they liked it. They really do ROCK! LOL.

That's it for now!

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