Open House was so much fun!

Yesterday was so much fun. I had 6 ladies come make a card with me and I also got to show off the decor elements. People don't know that this is not a rub on. It's actual vinyl and goes on many surfaces. I love them! I love them so much that I cry when something bad happens to them. While making a project yesterday morning I asked for help from my hubby. He was happy to help but with each step there was a challenge to overcome. Let's just say we lost the war. The piece of glass with the decor element ended up cracking and I ended up crying. But not all is lost. I still have the frame and I can still buy a new decor element and get a new piece of glass. So what if it takes a week or more to get everything I need together again. I will win!

Okay for cards and other fun stuff. I made this cute card:

Well actually Margo made it I helped her design it and we used the wrinkle free distressing techinque. I thought it came out good.
I need to make some things and do laundry so I must go. Happy Stampin'!


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