Retired list and the Angry Canadian

It's Here!

Here's the link for the retired list for stamp sets. A lot of my favorites are on there. There's also an accessory list I'm trying to post but having a hard time doing so. There's no link on the website for it either. SO I will email anyone that wants the list. Just let me know.

Club meeting was great! We celebrated Michelle's birthday. I made a cute banner for her and I also made dinner. I know. Amazing. LOL.

We learned how to make the wonderful Watercolor Roses using Fifth Avenue Floral. See the cards below. I love how they turned out.

I actually sent a card to my niece for her birthday. She probably didn't get it yet but I hope she loves it. She's like a sister to me and I really miss her. She's in California and we don't get to see each other unless I go there. I made it for this last Christmas which was so nice.

Another thing we learned at club was not to say anything negative about Canada around Carla. LOL. A new stamper was there and mentioned a friend thought the schools in Canada weren't as good as in the US. Carla set her straight. LOL. So we teased Carla the rest of the night calling her the "angry Canadian". I can understand defending your homeland. LOL. Hey Carla, I love Canada!

I decided I'm holding a drawing this month. Spend $50 for the whole month and you are entered in the drawing for the Fifth Avenue Floral set. It's a great set to have and I have two. LOL. So email me your orders and I'll enter you in the drawing. Every $50 order after the first $50 gets another entry so let's see those orders!

Place your order online and I'll give you an extra entry. (Makes life easier for me).

Happy Stampin'!


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