A Grand Vacation for my Grand Turtles

Want to get away? Here's where I'm taking my team this year for going above and beyond and helping me to earn my trip to DC.

Would you like to be a part of my team? I call them my TURTLES because they are terrific, unique, resourceful, talented, exceptional stampers. Plus if you have ever watched a turtle before you know they are amazing in what they do. Slow and steady, focused, curious, helpful; they can accomplish a lot in a little bit of time.

I am looking for new members for my team. Near or far you can be part of our growing group. All you need to do is order the starter kit and come to my downline meetings. I'll help you achieve what you want.

Just want the discount on amazing Stampin' Up! products? You can do that too. Get $125 worth for just $99 + tax. Shipping is free. Then you can save 20% on all your orders after that. Minimum sales needed per quarter is $300. (Cost really is less since you get your discount).

I'm looking forward to having you be a part of my TURTLES.


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