Happy National Card Making Day!

I did in fact make some cards today. Thank you cards for the businesses that donated food, door prizes and more to the first Girl Scout Convention for our area.

Here's a picture of them while I was putting them together.

I used mostly Stampin' Up! supplies for this. The Girl Scout Logo is online and the paper is from the Girl Scouts too. Punches are from SU!.

As a Girl Scout leader I do a lot of fun crafts with my troop. Today I was able to share what I do best (crafting) with new leaders and help them learn about SWAPS, earning badges through art, making special gifts on a budget. Not that I really know how to budget but I do try to be frugal with my supplies and use up what I have and not have to buy too much.

Each of the leaders in my class today got to make a swap using the butterfly punch and then add a few beads. Really easy. I also let them use some stamps, markers and blender pens to make a card.

Talking to these wonderful ladies about Girl Scouts was amazing. I think that they thought they had to be good at everything to be a leader. Well 10 minutes into my little class I realized I didn't have any blocks for the stamps. Oops! So this was a great example to the ladies that you don't have to be perfect to be a leader. Just having the passion to learn and to do more is enough to make you a great leader.

When I visited Savannah recently I was able to tour Juliette Gordon Low's house. How amazing! She was an incredible artist. Painting, wood burning, sculpture, iron working, you name it! She was good too. Lots of her sculptures and paintings were in the home. I was truly impressed!

I think about how Juliette was inspired to create Girl Scouts for America and that she was passionate about learning and then teaching those skills to others. She wanted to empower girls and to allow them to do things they couldn't normally do. What an exciting time that must have been!

Now girls have limitless careers and are able to do many things that interest them. The best part of Girl Scouts is that girls can be free to be themselves, learn, grow, teach, lead. They can express themselves and they can try new things.

I am looking forward to this year of Girl Scouting and getting to know the new girls in my troop, the new leaders that signed up for the first time and going camping with "old" friends.

I hope you had an equally inspiring and creative day today.


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