Bees for inspiration

This morning I woke up to find a swarm of bees in my backyard. They ended up landing on a branch and settling down. Here's a picture I took but I think most of them flew off.

I didn't think anything of it at first but my sister's birthday is on Sunday and I haven't made her card yet. As I thought about it I realized that this was a sign from Mom to get "bees-y" on that. Some of you don't know that my sister used to call our mom "Queen Bee". When Mom passed away a few years ago I noticed a bee outside my car as I was getting in. Then at Mom's apartment I noticed another bee flying around the entrance. Once we got to the church for the service there was another bee flying lazily around. I started to believe that this was Mom. I know that sounds weird but when you are grieving you latch on to strange things. I used to be very scared of bees but now I feel more comfortable when I see one. Thinking it's Mom makes them less scary. :)

So I got busy and made my sister's card. Take a look:

Notice the little bee? It's from a retired set but I loved that bee and have to keep it. I did use the Elements of Style from the Mini Catalog. It's in the big book too so I ended up picking that set for my Sale-a-bration rewards. As a demonstrator I earn free stamp sets throughout the year.

Well I'm off to do some running around. Don't forget to send in your Ice Cream Cards! I think Becky is in the running for winning this month. LOL. I'll post the pictures of the cards in August.


Kath said…
SOmetimes it is the little things that help us through our grief. The birthday card is lovely.

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