Setting Goals and Still Having Fun

Well I've been trying really hard to set some goals for my business. I think I'm getting there too. Usually I just hope that I earn the incentive trip but don't feel it's really possible. Especially since I wasn't really growing my business and my friends can only buy so many stamps before their husbands bann them from seeing me again. So this year I'm doing someting different. I'm holding workshops. LOL. That may seem too simple for some but it's actually a great way to meet new people and have fun stamping.

I've always been afraid to stand up in front a crowd and talk. I usually stumble over my words and forget to mention important things. I thought this was the way it would be forever but then I talked with some other fabulous direct selling ladies and they told me they felt the same way at first too. It's all a matter of practice. If I don't hold workshops I can't practice so I've booked 4 workshops this month. The most important part of the workshop is fun which if you know me you know I am the queen of fun. :)

Another thing that I've been working on to help me achieve my goals is visual outline of them and pictures of them. This year Stampin' Up! has a great incentive trip to Alaska. Have you ever been on a cruise to Alaska? I hear it is one of the most breath-taking cruises you can go on. The beautiful coastline, glasiers, whale watching and culture of the indians is only a few of the wonderful things about this trip. I hope to earn it this year so I made a scrapbook page already for me to put my photo in. LOL. Take a look:

I've also made a pledge to use my stamps more. LOL. Seems silly to buy so much and then not use it. So I'll be posting more of my creations to this blog. Especially the newest stamps that I get. Here's a great stamp that I borrowed from Linda to make a few cards with. What do you think?
I also came up with some great ideas for a class. In October there'll be a class for this card.
Here's a new fan to help cheer me on my way to earning the Alaska cruise. Her name is Sparkle Beary. She can't wait to make some great new cards and scrapbook pages. She even has some Build a Bear crayons in her apron. She's ready to create and so am I.
I'll post more when I can. As for this weekend I'm enjoying spending time with my girls, cleaning up a little and doing laundry. Oh and boating, going to the beach, enjoying a baseball game in Mobile, cookouts and more. See you can have a business and have fun too.
Happy Stampin'!


Mandy Grant said…
Love it Jackie! Great visual for your goals...I'll have to copy that. I know you'll be successful this year.

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