Charming little card

I've been busy pulling heads off of shrimp today. My hubby bought 50 lbs this weekend and brought them home in a cooler. It didn't take too long actually and we ate some boiled shrimp for lunch. YUM! He couldn't pass up the deal on these shrimp though. $2/lb. Most of them are monster size too.

Another fun adventure I had with animals was last night. I was coming home from the workshop I did at Michelle's house and a couple bucks wanted to cross the road in front of my car. Luckily I was able to slam my brakes on and not kill any of the deer. The only evidence of them hitting my car was some fur stuck to the decal. I should make a card and post it with my deer friends stamp set. LOL.

Here is the card we did at Michelle's workshop.

I used the set Charming from the catalog. It's very cute and easy to make this card. I used the Rock N Roll technique.

True to form I forgot some important things for the workshop. Ribbon. Luckily Michelle let me use some of hers. I really need someone to help me load my car for workshops. I just can't seem to remember everything. I even checked off the workshop checklist. Oh well. I guess that's why I like doing classes at my house.

Now to create some fun cards for Vanessa's workshop. Hmmmm... Maybe embossing. :) Maybe some deer. LOL. 

Happy Stampin'!


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