Yikes! My Ink Pad is RUINED!

When my two girls were still young one of them decided to get my ink pads out and stamp with them. One color was Pink Pirouette and one was basic black. I know right? You can see where this is going. After she stamped the image with the black ink she wanted to stamp it again with the pink. Being young she didn't know that you need to clean the stamp in-between colors. So the pink ink pad ended up having a black image on it. And yes I did yell that she ruined my ink pad. Luckily someone gave me information to save my ink pad from the trash can.

If you are a fellow demonstrator I know how hard it is to let others use your stuff. You want it to stay perfect but that's not going to help others to learn this wonderful hobby. Starting off doing workshops and classes I realized that my stamps and ink pads were going to be used imperfectly. I soon decided to let it all go and not to worry. With that in mind take a look at how I found my ink pad after holding my open house.

I was thinking "Yikes! My ink pad is ruined!" But actually it wasn't. I remembered the tip that someone told me about this. I thought I would share so that you don't have to worry about people using your ink pads.

Here's what you will need. Paper towels and reinker.

Make sure you dab it with paper towels until there's no more of the wrong color coming off. After that you can reink the pad with the right color ink.

This was on the new foam ink pads and worked great. In fact I didn't have any reinker in Soft Sky but it still stamped fine after cleaning it up.

If you are the person that was at my open house and accidently stamp the wrong color on my ink pad you no longer need to feel guilty. LOL. Everything happens for a reason and I know that many people are glad I was able to share this tip with them.

Thanks for looking and have a blessed day.


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