Girl Scout Camp

Last week was a milestone. My two girls went away to camp without me. Of course I had to make them cute little packages, cards and a journal to write all their adventures in.

I used Stampin' Up! Crumb Cake envelopes and cut some cardstock to make these journals. The envelopes provided pockets for fun things they collected. I also provided them some ideas for using the journal.

I used packing paper to make little "cards" to insert into the envelopes. They could do leaf rubbings on them or draw a picture. I was sure they would be able to do this in their free time. LOL.

I also left some pages for them to write about their horse since it was a horse riding camp. Notice that I'm using my retired stamp sets. I know that's not fair to you all who want to get these stamps but I have to say that even as a demonstrator I do use my favorite stamps for fun projects for my girls, scrapbooks, etc. Never get rid of your favorites.

So I spent some time making this journal but I also made cute packages with toilet paper tubes. Here's the ones for Amanda:

Close up of Jessica's.

I had stamps made with their names on them because I knew it would be good for doing stuff like this.

Inside the tubes are charms for their bracelet. They had so much fun trying to guess what charm would be next.

Here's a picture of the girls with Dad on the first day of camp. We checked in at the front of the camp then hiked to the cabins. We helped them find their beds and set up their sleeping bags.

Leila and Amanda checking out the cabin.

Numa was their Camp Leader. She was super nice.

After getting the girls in their swimsuits Steve and I said goodbye and left. I don't know why but I cried and cried when I got home. I am not like this normally. In fact anytime I send the girls off I usually am, "woo hoo!" But this time I was just crying my eyes out and missed them so much! Luckily the next day Steve arranged for us to go on a nice relaxing trip. That took my mind off of the girls and I was able to relax and read my book and get a tan. I'll tell you more about that trip tomorrow.

I will also show you pictures of the cute cards I made the girls too. I made sure to send them three cards each. Can you imagine writing three letters to each girl and trying to make each one unique and different than the others. LOL. Not easy.

Well that's it for today.

God bless!


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