Merry Christmas!

I enjoyed my day with family yesterday. It was nice to have a relaxing Christmas without having to drive a few hours to visit more family members. Instead we had Steve's dad over for dinner with his friend Barbara. We ate leftovers from Christmas Eve and his dad brought a ham. Yum. Gumbo tastes even better the next day. We ate some of that too.

The girls got iPods from Santa this year. I think that was the hit present. Of course Steve and I gave the girls new Wii games. Deer hunter and Dino Strike. Steve and I love those games and are now teaming up to kill as many dinosaurs as possible. Amanda commented that she might have nightmares from it. LOL.

Steve and I did something different this year for gifts for each other. We each bought our own gifts and than wrapped them for under the tree. At least he got everything he wanted. :) I got everything I wanted too.

I feel very blessed to have the life I have. God is so great! I know that Christmas is a lot about giving gifts to each other but I think that's because God gave us the best gift of all. Our gifts will never come close to His. Thank you God for the gift of Your Son.

Merry Christmas!


Penny Hanuszak said…
Sounds like your family had a wonderful christmas Jackie. What a stunning card this is. I absolutely love the soft detail and the combination of stamps you've used. Beautiful!

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