I'm so blessed!

The party was awesome! I enjoyed having all my friends over and realized that I'm so blessed by the people in my life. For me the party was a way to have everyone I love come together and enjoy some food, music and friendship. Of course the gifts were totally awesome too. LOL.

Here's a picture of the cake:

My dear friend Vanessa made this cake and 4 dozen cupcakes. Ever bit of it was gone. Seriously. Her cakes are really yummy. She spent days making my cake and it turned out better than anything I could have done and better than anything I could have bought.

Here's a picture of the pig:

Doesn't it look yummy? I just made a really good casserole using the leftover pork. So good. I'm freezing the rest. Even with 80 people at the party we didn't eat all this piggy.

Then of course I took some pictures of my sweet girls:

And Aunt Ginnie:

I made cute tags for all the pitchers so that the kids would know which drinks they could have.

I think I'm having PPD (Post Party Depression.) I was having so much fun making decorations all week now I have nothing to do. Oh wait! I did have my stamp a stack and I can show you the before pictures today. But I am just too tired right now to show you the jazzed up version.

Here's what Laura came up with:

Check back tomorrow.

Have a great night.


Carla Bazhenow said…
Oh your party decorations and cake look so yummy and beautiful. Love the pics of your girls, they are gorgeous!! I'm so glad your birthday was special. Love those cards too. Hugs,

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