Got that Stampin' feeling?

Well I've been stampin and pampering. LOL. My good friend Vanessa was nice enough to come over Friday and demo Pampered Chef to my friends. We made some great Mexican food. My favorite was the Gingertinis. Yummy! I tried to make them again the next night for my hubby and I. I forgot I needed frozen lemonade but luckily I had frozen pineapple and it seemed to work fine. Still was yummy.

I also was blessed with some friends coming over to my house on Thursday to stamp. Our technique club meets once every other month and we learn a new technique each time. This month we learned the soot technique. I thought I was being cleaver using a tea light for each guest to do their card. Well tea lights don't have big flames so it was taking way to long for everyone to "burn" their glossy white paper. So we ended up using the big candle and taking turns. I did have a near smoke alarm hazard but luckily blew out the flames before the house burned down.
Here's a pic of the card.

Here's a close up:

We ended up with a few extra ladies that weren't in club but might join. :) It was a lot of fun and a big thanks to Veronica for the snacks. :)

Well that's it for now. Gotta go stamp something.


Mandy Grant said…
Love it! The soot technique is perfect for this spooky card :)
Amanda Morris said…
AWESOME! I've been wanting to try this technique and this gives me inspiration.
Jackie Barfield said…
It was so easy! But use a big candle because little tea lite ones don't work. I read on a blog that you can use a tiki torch to really cover a lot of the card quickly. LOL.

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