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I'm a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator. I've been lucky enough to have this hobby fall into my lap. I am creative and an artist but when I started to stamp, a whole new world opened up for me. I lived in California all my life and when I went to college I ended up with a BA in Studio Art. Did I think I could make a living with that degree? No.  But I loved painting and drawing and making sculptures. I still love making art and seeing how different colors go together. I like seeing different affects done with paint. I love playing with ink too. With stamping you can do endless amounts of techniques that do endless amounts of affects for making cards, scrapbooks, tiles, gifts and more. I'm even doing jewelry now. I swore I'd never get the Simply Adorned charm but when I saw so many cute things done with it at Convention I changed my mind. I hold classes, clubs, workshops and private parties. I love it when I am able to sit in my craft room for hours and just get my supplies out and make a card for one of my sisters or for a dear friend. This is my addiction that helps me to relax and de-tune. It's much better than drugs or gambling. Plus I'm always rewarded with a fantastic project that I can share with others.

So I'm a Stampin' Up! girl. What else am I? I'm a mother to three children. Some of you are saying, "Wait. I thought she only had two girls." That's right. My son was stillborn in 2001. As tragic as it was and as much as I thought I couldn't survive such heart breaking pain, I have to say that my son was a blessing to me. He was in my life for a short time but he'll always be in my heart forever. I was his mother for 9 blessed months. He's my angel forever.

My two girls switch back and forth between being my angels and being my devils. Jessica is the youngest and we call her Jackie Jr. She is me and just as hard headed. I love her unconditionally and I can't help but smile when I look at her. She does push my buttons and tries to get away with doing as little as possible or not listening to me as much as possible. She's a perfect student at school and never gets in trouble. It's only at home she gets her name on the board. She's a great hostess when guests come over and always offers a drink or food to them. She loves her friends and will stick up for them no matter what.

Amanda is my oldest and she's a lot like her father. He's your type A, perfectionist, OCD, list writing person. My daughter is a bit perfectionist but I try to help her see that sometimes things are "good enough". Tags are uncomfortable on her clothes so I'm always cutting them out. She's very imaginative and loves to draw horses. She'll be so involved in what she's doing that she can't hear anything going on around her. She gets in trouble at school for not finishing tests or for not listening or doing her work. I think it's because she gets distracted by something or she went to Amanda Land. I really don't feel too upset by her getting in trouble. She's a sweet girl who is so giving and loving that it's hard to stay mad at her.

My dear husband is in real estate and he also manages property that we own and that his dad owns. He loves to fish and hunt. He's hard working and always busy. I'm a lucky wife to have a husband that is around as much as he is and does so much around the house. I can count on him to watch the kids when I have a workshop. (As long as it isn't hunting season and it's not a red week. Or is it a green week? Are you confused yet? Carla would understand what I'm saying. Right Carla?)  He's a great cook and actually makes dinner most of the time for the family. I do cook a bit but usually follow a recipe. I have a few that I know how to do now without the recipe but for the most part it's pasta or frozen burgers when I cook.

Recently I lost a bunch of weight. I lost my mom a couple years ago and ended up gaining 40 pounds. I sort of turn to food for comfort. I had tried to diet and tried exercise and nothing was working. So I decided that I needed some help and started to go to a weight loss clinic. I was worried I wouldn't be able to stick to the diet but I ended up liking it and thought it was easy. Best of all it worked! Now I'm totally thin again and into my skinny jeans. Woo hoo!

Update: gained it all back! Yikes! Now I'm doing Karate classes with my hubby and girls. Hopefully I will build muscle and lose weight again.

I hope that you've enjoyed getting to know me a little better. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I love to hear from you so please leave a comment.


Sherrie Johnson said…
Will you be doing the annual crop for a Cure this year? If so do you have a date/place/price yet? I am just trying to get my summer calendar in line. Thanks so much

Sherrie Johnson

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