Inspiration from God

Have you ever read something that so touched your soul that you wanted to share it with everyone? I recently read a blog post from a friend that really touched my soul and made me want to share it with you all. You can read it here:

I've been on a journey to get to know God better and in the process I am getting to know myself better too. I realized that I was missing something special in my life. I had thought I could live in a state of mediocre. It wasn't a horrible life but it wasn't a wonderful life either. I was neutral. Lukewarm. The bible says that you should not be lukewarm. Rev. 3:16 So, because you are lukewarm--neither hot nor cold--I am about to spit you out of my mouth. 

God says it's better to be hot or cold. Staying lukewarm is worse. I have realized a great thing. I have been complacent in my life. I have not cried out to God and asked for help with my life. I have just filled it with busy things. Since I started reading the bible everyday I have grown stronger in my faith and I have seen that I need to be passionate about my life, my God and my family. I need to focus my faith on God and trust in Him and be joyful and spread the word to others. First to my husband, then my children and then to my friends. I will spread joy and happiness to others through my faith in God. 

I can overcome the day to day challenges of dishes, laundry, meals to make and other mundane tasks when I realize that my life is a gift from God and that I should be filled with joy to care for my family. God is filled with joy to care for His children. He loves me and provides for me without grumbling. I will remember this when I fold the laundry. I will remember this when I  go grocery shopping. I will remember this when I talk to others about the love of God. 

Go out and be a blessing to others. You are a blessing to Him.


Such an honest testimony. I'm delighted you shared.
Jackie Barfield said…
Thanks for your comment. I hope we all are brave enough to share our testimonies. God is good.

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