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Can you believe it's October already??? Where has the time gone? My girls are busy with so many things. Amanda just started doing Girl Scouts and loves it. She's really coming out of her shell and being less shy. She's making new friends and enjoying learning the songs, promise and Girls Scout Laws. Plus she's really into selling nuts. It's all about the patches and she's trying to earn the one for selling 35 cans of nuts. I hope she does it. Every night we go out and knock on doors.

Both girls are doing dance. They love to dress up and go to dance and learn new moves. Amanda is working on the splits. Jessica likes to spin around. They are so amazing to me.

School is going great. The book fair is this week and they are enjoying buying  books on their own. Jessica only had $3 that I sent to school with her this week to buy a book. I didn't know she'd be such a great shopper. She ended up with a great book that was on sale for only $2.50. Woo Hoo!

Speaking of books I've been reading Lassie Come Home to my girls every night. Well last night a sad thing happened to one of the other dogs in the book and both Amanda and I were crying our eyes out. It took me a minute to compose myself to start reading again. Amanda asked me why there are bad people in this world. I told her that everything has an opposite. Since we have God who is so good we also have the Devil that's bad. I told her that everyone has good and evil in them and that we have a choice to do good. I reminded her that she shared her brownie with her sister at the park and that was very good. I also reminded her that she's hit her sister before when she's mad and that's bad. I don't know if she really understands but I'm glad she cares enough to ask a question like that.

Well enough about my girls and I. I've been a busy lady lately creating some great stuff. Here's a few pages from a Christmas Album I did using My Digital Studio.  All I had to do was click and drop pictures from my hard drive into the open spots on the page. I make a 15 page album in less than an hour. If you know me that's AMAZING!!! LOL. I usually do 2 pages in 5 hours.

Want to get this new software for your computer? Contact me and I'll place an order for you. It's only $79.95!  You can also earn this product for half price when you host a workshop that reaches $400.

Another way to get this new software and some other great Stampin' Up! products is to sign up to be a demonstrator. For just $185 you can get My Digital Studio, two stamp sets, ribbon, ink, markers, cardstock, adhesive, diminsionals, glue dots, buttons and business supplies. It's great to have that 20% off discount too.

Deal of the Week is back. Check out my Stampin' Up! Website for more info on that.

Happy Stampin'!


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