Friday, January 29, 2010

You Stole My Heart!

Hello again. I've been very busy this week. I had to prepare and hold my daughters Girl Scout Investiture Ceremony on Tuesday. It was great and everyone did so well saying their lines and singing the songs. I think it was a very memorable event for those girls.

I also started saving money by clipping coupons and working the deal at Publix. I am not a frugal shopper and I think the stress of clipping and trying to get the cheapest deal on things might make me quit doing this but I did save $56. So I guess it's worth it. Let me see... That's 2 or 3 stamp sets. Or 5 packs of Designer Series Paper.  I guess it's worth it. LOL.

I also finally had my punch class on Wednesday. Everyone had fun and I even signed up Jeannette to be a demonstrator. She helped me out before class making sure we had everything cut and ready. She's awesome! I can't wait to help her plan her first open house/workshop. She's so much fun and I know everyone will love her.

Even though I've been so busy I did find time to make something cute for you. Lookie:

I used the corduroy buttons in Summer Sun for the sun. I used paper from the Tall Tales Designer Series Paper and of course the new stamp set in the mini catalog that has this cute raccoon. I love it! Hope you do too.

Tonight I have a class for a bunch of Girl Scouts. 12 of them. Yikes! We'll be making a cute heart treat cup card. I think you'll like it. I'll try to save one to take pictures of and post on my blog.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Who Dat?!!

What a day! Amazing win by the Saints in overtime. A little too stressful for me to watch at times but they pulled it off. Amen!

My day was like 4 quarters. First quarter was sleeping in til 10am with my baby girl. She finally woke up and asked were daddy was. I said he got up. She said, "Lets go see what he's doing." I said, "Are you sure you don't want to sleep a little longer?" She said, "Maybe a little more." Then 10 seconds passed and she said, "Okay let's get up now." Too cute!

2nd quarter was Girl Scout practice for our Investiture ceremony. Driving through the rain to get to the church and then running through the program a few times with the girls was all great fun. The highlight of the moment was when we were about to say the Pledge of Allegiance and my cell phone rings, "Apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur, the whole club was looking at her." I felt like the whole room was looking at me. LOL.

After that we went to get donuts and run home for me to start 3rd quarter, Christmas Cards. I had 5 ladies coming over to stamp Christmas cards and Steve, my dear husband, invited a bunch of people over to watch the football games. Not a problem except that it forced me to clean my stamp room table so we could stay in my stamp room away from all the cheering and yelling. My stamping ladies had a great time. We always give each other a hard time and tease each other a lot. Mostly they are teasing me about stuff. We made this wonderful winter scene card using the retired Branch Out stamp set. I will miss that stamp set soooo much.

Here's the card we made today:

While everyone was sponging the hills and stamping the trees I fooled around with Flora's stamp set that she brought to class. After researching that stamp set on I found a really nice card but changed the colors and turned it landscape instead of portrait. I like it and so we'll be making this Christmas card next month. What do you think?

I love how simple it is and how easy it is to make. The two step stamping techinque is a classic that I have to remind myself of sometimes. I love the depth that two step stamping gives a card.

So my 4th quarter was watching the football game with family. I was really impressed by Farve and we all thought that the Saints were going to lose in the last few seconds of the game but then the Vikings turned over the ball for a fifth time and that allowed the Saints to get the ball in overtime. Woo Hoo! We struggled a bit to get it down field but we got it close enough for out kicker to make a perfect field goal to win the game and go to the Super Bowl! Go Saints!!! Let's all sing the song, "Oh when the Saints go marching in."

Happiness always to everyone!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hi I'm Tess!

I'd like to introduce you to a new friend of mine. Her name is Tess. I think she's very creative, smart and fun. Not only does she stamp and make cards, she can wish people a Happy Valentine, Happy Birthday or just Thinking of You.

Hi I'm Tess!

Isn't she so cute! I love the new set from the Mini Catalog called Tote-ally Tess. Watercoloring her is fun and I can play around with her hair color and her clothes. I can even make her sexy. LOL. Check out the card I made for Valentine's Day.

I used my Big Shot to make the letters for this card. (Timeless Type). I punched circles from scrap paper left over from the Love Bots boxes and attached to the back of Tess. She had to have a Valentine card to hold that she stamped herself. Added a little ribbon and a border punch and I have one sexy card! I'm sure my hubby will love receiving this card next month.

If you want more ideas using Tess check back often cuz I'll be using her a lot!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Roxy the Love Bot!

Okay my husband told me a funny story today about a robot that some guy in Japan invented. Her name is Roxy. So here's my Roxy Valentine box.

Here's what they look like when you get them. They have 30 boxes in each pack. 3 different designs too.

The fold and fit together really easy. Takes less than a minute to put it together. You can add the cute little circle heart shape to the closure if you want.

Here's what it looks like before I add some fun stuff to it.

I used some of the scraps to make the scallop circle punch and added the heart to the center. Then I tied some ribbon to the bottom after I punched it with the scallop edge punch.

Finished size is about 3 x 3. They are thick enough to hold a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. There are boy bots too. Call me to place an order in time for Valentine's day.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Better Beary Soon

My daughter Amanda was recently sick with Strep. It was horrible to see her cry out in pain because of her throat hurting. I didn't know what else I could do except feed her ice chips and spray that yucky tasting stuff in her mouth. At least I couldn't think of anything but my daughter Jessica said, "Why don't you make her a get well card." Duh! So here's what I came up with.

Originally I had stamped the saying at the top but it didn't look right so I covered it up and then stamped on scrap whisper white paper and cut out each word. I liked it much better that way. Amanda and Jessica did too. Cards do cheer people up when they aren't feeling well.

I'm working on some cute Valentine's Day cards but they aren't ready yet. I need to take pics of them and download them too so come back soon to see those. If you need to order the new heart shaped treat cups email me and I'll set you up. I've had a lot of interest in those and I know it's while supplies last so don't wait.

Happy Stampin'!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Sleep Over!

It is 10pm and my daughter and her friend are spending the night together. I don't think 5 year olds can go to sleep early. LOL. They are being quiet so I'll just leave them alone. I do need to catch up on my blog.

I have not been able to clean up my office or get laundry put away but I did manage to go to a Zumba class. If you have not gone to one you MUST try it. I loved it and didn't feel bad at all. I hope tomorrow morning I wake up and feel the same way. :) Mostly it's feeling the music and dancing to it. Abby was fantastic as an instructor. Not much talking but very easy to follow her moves. She seemed to be having a lot of fun with it too and her energy was catching.

I also went to school to help out Jessica's teacher. She is a great teacher and keeps her class running smoothly. I asked her to come to my house and control my kids there. She laughed. But I have started to write my girls names on the board when they are bad and a check mark if they don't listen after that. It seems to work. The punishment is that they don't get dessert. First day we did it they tested me and no one got ice cream. Boy did they cry! But it was for the best. Now they listen. (Pretty much.)

Here's a few things my daughter made for party favors for her birthday party. They are using the Build a Bear stamp set from the Mini Catalog. Did you know if you spend $20 on any Build a Bear products from the Mini Catalog that Stampin' Up! will give you a $5 coupon to use in any Build a Bear store? Awesome!

Here's some pics of the party favor and the party.

I really had fun at this party. I have fun at every party I go to though. LOL. But really, the Build a Bear ladies were so nice and took very good care of the kids and made it a party to remember.

Many fun times to come I can tell. All because of a stamp set. :)

Life making cards, cleaning house and raising kids....

Okay so I've been very good lately about cleaning house and raising kids. But what about making cards? I really want to do more of that but the one room that I can't seem to keep clean is my stamp room. Look:

I need to put things away so I can have a spot to stamp. But I rather go put away laundry than deal with this. So I'll continue to push things aside to make a small space to stamp. LOL.

I do have something fun to show you. I needed to make two cards and of course nothing I had made would work. So I came up with this card for my niece's baby.

It's using the new stamp set from the Mini Catalog called Fox and Friends. I really like the turtle image. I have the decor elements of the turtle too. I want to put it somewhere but not sure where. Either on my car or in my stamp room.

I also had to make a birthday card for my Great Aunt who turned 100 on Wednesday. I had the melon mambo out already so I used the same color scheme. I picked the Look Whose Turning stamp set so I could use the numbers for 100. What do you think?

I did send it out late but I hope she likes it. Most of the women on my dad's side lived long lives. My grandma was 96 when she died. Her mom was 103. So maybe I can make that long. Can you imagine having been born in another century??? Crazy!
Do you need ideas for more cards? Check back here daily to see what I have come up with and to see if my stamp room looks any better.

Happy Stampin'!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Punch Art

Here's what we were going to make tonight until everyone (except Becky) said they couldn't make it. Don't worry. We'll get together for a make-up class.

Here's a really cute one that's very close to my heart. LOL.

Don't you love them?! I just love turtles and Turtle Love is the best kind of love. LOL. I made their shells with the largest circle punch I have and then used our word window punch for the bottom of shells and legs.

Here's a good one for Mardi Gras. I had to come up with this idea on my own. I hope you like it.

I used the largest circle punch, the full heart punch (cut in half) and the three heart punch. The beads are the 1/2 in punch.

This last one is using the ornament punch from the Holiday Mini Catalog. I saw this card in different colors and thought that pink fish would be much better. I hope you like it.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my cards. I had fun coming up with them. :)

Now you guys go try making some punch art!

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